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9 comments on “ Indian Giver

  1. The phrase Indian giver is a pejorative term for someone who asks for the return of a gift.
  2. Dec 19,  · Indian Giver Fruitgum Company. #5 on BB Hot on BUDDAH Records in / INTRO: Dm D (x5) / #1. D E G I can still remember, it wasn't long .
  3. Noun. 1. Indian giver - an offensive term for someone who asks you to return a present he has given you. depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something. bestower, conferrer, donor, giver, presenter - person who makes a gift of property.
  4. Oct 21,  · “Indian Giver” was a hit song by the group Fruitgum Company in , and in , an entire episode of Seinfeld was based on the offensiveness of the phrase.
  5. Oct 24,  · While Indian giver might seem more obviously racist (you certainly wouldn’t hear anyone using such a phrase in the office), there are plenty of other phrases that you might use every day that have racist/prejudice origins.
  6. In Indian Giver, Smelcer gives his reader poetry full of poignant, sensitive, and loving portrayal of human suffering delivered with wit as he explores the irony of being native in a colonized land and the pain and loneliness of bridging two cultures without being fully accepted in either/5.
  7. Indian giver One who takes or demands back one's gift to another, as in Jimmy wanted to take back Dan's birthday present, but Mom said that would make him an Indian giver. This term, now considered .
  8. Indian Giver is a deep, rich purple and the dainty white edge is a stunning contrast. Then you get the chartreuse green throat and it’s the whole package. We’ve had rain, rain, rain here in central Illinois this spring and Indian Giver doesn’t care a bit and is putting on quite a show. (1) (0) Watch Unwatch.5/5(22).
  9. Nov 29,  · Indian Giver. A Native Indian lays claim to Cabot Cove, throwing the town into chaos. When a local with valuable property is found murdered, all /10(4).

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