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9 comments on “ P.V. Herrera - Your Shinigami Eyes (File, Album)

  1. Named after the Japanese spirits of death, Shinigami (b. June 1st, ) is an artist that truly lives up to his name, as he often sings/raps of depression and all of the feelings associated with it.
  2. Shinigami eyes (Death note) Fanfiction. She was born with the eyes of shinigami, and has been able to see everyone's life span and name over their heads. She cannot be killed by a death note or shinigami. V is a world renowned assassin, and L's younger half-sister. V is intelligent, cunni.
  3. Jan 28,  · your loverz. 0. Shinigami Eyes. Shinigami Eyes INSTALL APP ***This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true death date calculator functionality.*** The Shinigami Eyes app allow you to see the date of death of all persons in LIST OF HIGHLY COMPRESSED GAMES MEDIAFIRELINK LIST OF THE FILE: 1. 10 days.
  4. Apr 12,  · Everywhere my eyes hit, the information of passing people floated above their heads, showing me their name, date of birth, date of death- I knew it all. Haruka had told me that another shinigami, Chokichi, had given up his life to save me, when I was in a car crash with my father. However, that meant killing my father, who was driving the car.
  5. The second album of PV Herrera release on April 30th Even know it is considered an instrumental album, PV Herrera did vocals on Hailey Says Hello. Themes of this album are Death, Suicide, End Of Relationships, and Joyful Weddings and Meetings.
  6. Mar 06,  · Those who possess the Shinigami Eyes have the ability to see the name and remaining lifespan of all those within their sight. This is the perfect ability for owners of .
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of With My Own Eyes on Discogs.
  8. P.V. Herrera is still writing his third record. There will be 10 new songs. You can listen to the three singles that will be on the album. It will be released on P.V.'s label "Guitar Creative Society" in America and BFW Recordings in the UK. The album will be out on bandcamp on GCS and via sonic squirel on Jan 6 and the release date for.
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