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8 comments on “ Ancient Cults - Invocation Spells - Unholy Blasphemies (CD, Album)

  1. Invocation Spells - Discography () - Unholy Blasphemies Time: Size: 69,50 Mb Tracklist 1. Ancient Cults 2. Satan My Master 3. Christ Bleeding On The Cross 4. Evil Spells 5. Eternal Suffer 6. Unholy Blasphemies 7. Torture And Pain 8. On The Shadows Band: Obssessor - All instruments.
  2. The band recorded and initially promoted the album under this pretense, but the plans were shelved after Mike Browning left the band in due to an altercation with Trey Azagthoth. Trey has said in interviews that Abominations of Desolation is not really an album and should be considered a demo, but it is indeed the band's first full length.
  3. Aggiungi un album There's simply no stopping Invocation Spells. One of the hottest bands in the shit-hot Chilean black/death scene, this diabolical duo continues to unleash one punishing slab of filth 'n' fury after another, each one more concise and crushing than the next.
  4. Hailing from the cult metal hotbed of Chile, INVOCATION SPELLS indeed invoke a potent 'n' poisonous spell here. Bestial metal, blackthrash, and especially classic speed metal all get dumped into the duo's ever-bubbling cauldron, then shot forth with a filth 'n' fury that can only come from South America.
  5. I think this is the same recording as the "Crush Jesus Christ Tour '91" bootleg-LP, as the tracklist is almost exactly the same--the only difference is that the LP has "Thy Kingdom Come" between "Unholy Blasphemies" and "Abominations." And there is indeed an edit at the end of "Unholy Blasphemies," hinting that something was cut out.
  6. Indeed, this is very much the INVOCATION SPELLS the metal underground has quickly come to worship: harsh, hammering blackthrash imbued with that ancient filth ‘n’ fury that can only come from South America, and specifically the duo’s cult homeland of Chile. But as the album evolves, often at a breakneck pace, it becomes poignantly.
  7. Unholy Blasphemies by Invocation Spells, released 29 October 1. Ancient Cults 2. Satan My Master 3. Christ Bleeding On The Cross 4. On The Shadows.
  8. INVOCATION SPELLS - Unholy blasphemies INVOCATION SPELLS - Descendent the black throne INVOCATION SPELLS - The flame of hate INVOCATION SPELLS - Spread cruelty in the abyss IMPIETY - RAVAGE AND CONQUER IMMORTAL - BLIZZARD BEASTS IMMORTAL- Damned in black IMMORTAL: AT THE HEART .

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